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 Buddhist Movie Night -불교영화의 밤
글쓴이: 선각 스님  날짜: 2011.04.07. 06:23:51   조회: 1230
매달 첫째주 목요일 저녁 7시부터 세인트루이스 부다나라 법당에서 불교영화 상영이 있습니다.
간단한 음료와 스넥이 준비되어 있으니 불교영화도 함께 보시고 영화를 보신후에 영화에 관한 간단한 토론회도 있습니다.
가족 모두 참가하시어 즐기시기 바랍니다.

_영화, 토론회 모두 영어로 진행 됩니다.-

4월달 상영되는 영화는 "Little Buddha"입니다.

Little Buddha is a story about the quest of a group of monks, led by Lama Norbu (Ruocheng Ying), to seek out the rebirth of his great Buddhist teacher, Lama Dorje (Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen). Lama Norbu and his fellow monks believe they have found a candidate of Dorje's rebirth within a boy named Jesse Conrad (Alex Wiesendanger) in Seattle. While Jesse is fascinated with the monks and their way of life, his parents, Dean (Chris Isaak) and Lisa (Bridget Fonda), are wary, and that wariness turns into near-hostility when Norbu announces that he would like to take Jesse back with him to Bhutan to be tested. Jesse's father changes his mind however, after one of his close friends and colleagues commits suicide, seeming to realize that there could be more to life than work and money.
He then decides to go to Bhutan with his son. In Nepal, two children who are also candidates are encountered, Raju (Rajuh Lal) and Gita (Greishma Makar Singh).

In the story, the Lama Norbu relates Buddha's life story, which is also enacted as a story line within the movie.
In this depiction, a Hindu prince called Siddhartha (Keanu Reeves) sets on a journey to achieve greater awareness. As he progresses, he learns profound truths about the nature of life, consciousness, and reality. Ultimately, he battles Mara (a demon representing the ego), who repeatedly tries to divert and destroy Siddhartha. Through concentrated non-attachment and final realization of the illusory nature of his own ego, Siddhartha attains enlightenment.

In the end, it is found that all three children are rebirths of the Lama Dorje, separate manifestations of his body (Raju), speech (Gita), and mind (Jesse). A ceremony is held and Jesse's father also learns the facts about Buddhism.
Lama Dorje's rebirth represents the three most important aspects of life. His work finished, Lama Norbu enters a deep state of meditation and dies of his own will.
As the funeral ceremony begins Lama Norbu speaks to the children, seemingly from a higher plane, telling them to have compassion. Just before the credits roll the children are seen distributing his ashes in various places.

At the very end of the film credits, the sand mandala that was seen being constructed during the movie is destroyed, "with one swift stroke."


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