The Buddha taught that there is a path leading to the cessation of suffering inherent to human existence. This Noble Eightfold Path involves the practice of wisdom, morality, and mental discipline. The three steps of the Eightfold Path pertaining to the practice of mental discipline are Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

   Seated meditation allows us to practice mental discipline in an especially focused way. However, seated meditation is not an end in itself. Seated meditation gives us the mental discipline to take our meditative state of mind out into our everyday lives. As we develop our ability to take the calm, quiet mind that we experience during meditation out into the world, then the problems of life (our sufferings) begin to diminish.

   The practice of meditation at Buddhanara Temple involves seated meditation, walking meditation, and the tea ceremony. Each of these is an opportunity to train the mind to engage in the matters of everyday life calmly, effectively, and properly. Walking meditation allows us to practice taking our meditative mind with us as we begin to move. The tea ceremony allows us to practice taking our meditative mind with us into the activities of everyday life.

  1. Why hope for perfect health?
    It only leads to greater greed.
    "Treat illness as medicine, not disease."
  2. Why long for a life free from hardship?
    It only leads to self-pampering and hardship.
    "Make worries and hardships a way of life."
  3. Why hope for a lack of impediments in your study?
    "Release is hiding right behind obstructions."
  4. Why hope for a lack of temptations in your training?
    It will only serve to soften your resolve.
    "Treat temptations as friends who are helping you along the path."
  5. Why hope for easy success?
    Easy accomplishment leads only to increased rashness.
    "Accomplish through difficulties."
  6. Why hope to get your own way with friends?
    Having friends that give into your wishes only leads to arrogance.
    "Make long-term friends through compromise in your relationships"
  7. Why expect people to follow your wishes or commands?
    This, too, leads to arrogance.
    "Consider those who differ with you to be your character builders."
  8. Why expect rewards for your kindnesses?
    This leads only to a scheming mind.
    "Throw out the expectation of rewards like you'd throw out old shoes."
  9. Why expect more out of life than you deserve?
    Exaggerated profit-seeking leads only to follishness.
    "Become rich at heart with small amounts."
  10. Why complain about vexations?
    This leads only to resentment and poison in the heart.
    "Consider vexations as the first door on the path."

        - Every Tuesday 6:30pm to 8:00pm

        Meditation starts after the Evening Chenting Service
        - Every Saturday 9:00am to 11:00am


   Meditation Instruction for first time visitors.


   Sitting Mediation (Jwa-Seon)


   Walking Meditation (Hang-Seon)


   Sitting Meditation




   Tea Ceremony (Da-Do)

        Intensive Meditation
        - Fourth Tuesday of the Month 7:00pm-10:00pm

        Buddhist Movie Night
        - First Thursday of the Month 7:00pm-9:00pm
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