Welcome to Buddhanara Temple

   Buddhanara Temple was founded in 2002 by Bhikkhuni Sungak of the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Buddhanara Temple hosts numerous activities throughout the year that are open to the public.

   Every Saturday beginning at 10 am the Buddha,s Disciples Zen Meeting offers many different programs such as Sitting Meditation (Jwa-seon), Walking Meditation (Hang-Seon), Stretching, and Tea Ceremony (Da-Do).

   Every Sunday beginning at 11 am a traditional Korean Buddhism Style Sunday Service is held which consists of chanting from the sutras, sutra studies, 108 prostrations of repentance, offerings to the Buddha, Dharma talk, etc. Also everybody who attends Sunday service enjoy special vegetarian lunch.

   At various times during the year the temple offers special programs such as an overnight intensive meditation retreat, the celebration of the Buddha¡¯s Birthday, the Ancestors Memorial Day service, Dong-Ji (Korean Style of Halloween), the New Year¡¯s Day celebration, etc.

   Buddhanara Temple is a very peaceful place to learn and practice Buddhism. It is located in a quiet suburb of St. Louis in a neighborhood with many large trees and safe streets. The Temple¡¯s front yard has beautiful flowerbeds and the back yard is filled with vegetable and flower gardens, numerous species of trees and shrubs, and a bamboo grove to enjoy while strolling about or relaxing on the patio. In addition to the many humans who come to practice and take refuge at Buddhanara Temple, many animals call the Temple Grounds home. Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, possums, turtles, frogs, insects and birds all take refuge here.

   The Temple is close to many universities, parks, and cultural attractions; ethnically diverse shops and restaurants; airline, bus, and rail transportation, and much, much more. Bhikkuni Sungak Sunim and temple members welcome Buddhists to stay at Buddhanara Temple and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Buddhanara Temple¡¯s Benefactors are very active Buddhist members organized in Korea who wish to assist in the spiritual development of the St. Louis community as well as contribute to the spread of Buddhism to the North American continent.

Buddhanara Temple (Monastery)
874 Berick Dr.
St. Louis, MO, 63132, U. S. A.
Tel : (314) 993-0185, 239-9068
Website: www.buddhanara.net