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 Buddhanara Temple was founded in 2002 by Bhikkhuni Sungak of the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Buddhanara Temple hosts numerous activities throughout the year that are open to the public.  


And the man whose mind, filled with determination, is longing for the infinite NIRVANA, and who is free from sensuous pleasures, is called uddham-soto, he who goes upstream, for against the current of passions, and worldly life he is bound for the joy of the Infinite.

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Buddhanara Temple's Support Groups are very active Buddhist members organized in Korea who wish to assist in the spiritual development of the St. Louis community as well as contribute to the spread of Buddhism to the North American continent.
If you want to join and contact us, welcome!

Fund Raising (Statement of Kindness and Charity):

Take refuge in the Three Jewels:
The Buddha said, Those who would contribute to the building of a temple would experience good fortune for many life times. The honorable Sun Gak Sunim humbly invites you to contribute to the establishment of the Buddhnara Temple in Atlanta, Georgia and St. Louis, Missouri.

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