"The towering mountains are Buddha's Dharma hall
And the white clouds in the bright sky are Buddha's footprints
The songs of life are Buddha's Dharma talks
And the silence of nature is Buddha's heart.
If you see the world through Buddha eyes
Then every place you go is the Pureland.
But in the eyes of the unenlightened,
This Pureland is but the world of samsara." 
-- From The Buddha Land is All-Pervasive

Welcome and thank you for visiting Buddhanara Temple's homepage.

The above is a passage from a text which I read everyday and one that I wish to share with all who are lucky enough to live on this beautiful planet.

I sincerely hope that you take the time to visit our Buddhanara Temple and to join us in study, practice and sharing.

May you always find peace in the Dharma, and may all beings be well and happy!


                                                         Temple Master Sungak