Bhikkhuni Yenam Sungaks Profile:

The working head monk of Buddhanara Temple of America at the present time is Bhikkhuni Sungak Sunim. After becoming an ascetic devotee, Sungak Sunim entered Heainsa Temple (Monastery) of Korea in 1981 where she studied under the Bhikkhuni Ven. Yuk Moon.

Bikkhuni Sungak Sunim received the Sramaneraka Precepts from the Most Ven. Kim Ja Woon at Bumeosa Buddhist Temple, Pusan, Korea in 1982 and was ordained after receiving the Bhikkhuni Precepts from the Most Ven. Kim Ja Woon at Bumeosa Buddhist Temple, Pusan, Korea in 1988. Beginning in 1983 Sungak Sunim began what would ultimately consist of ten years of Buddhist Studies and Zen Practice under The Most Ven. Suk Ju Kang.

Bhikkuni Sungak Sunim holds a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Shin Gu College, Korea (1988), a Bachelors of Arts in Social Welfare from Taisho University, Tokyo, Japan (1994), a Certificate from Intercultural Communications College, America, (1997), and a Masters of Social Work degree from, Washington University, America,(2000).

In addition to her education achievements, Sungak Sunim worked as a research assistant under Dr. Matthew Howard at Washington University (1999-2000), worked as a Dharma Teacher at Bulgawang Temple, Korea (1986-88), and volunteered at the International Planning Department at Funabashi Shi City Hall, Japan, (1990-1994).

Sungak Sunims publications and conference presentations (under the names Bhikkuni Sungak Sunim and Kyungae Han) include:

  1. Buddhism and Our Duty in the 21st Century. BulkyoSekai Monthly Journal in Japan (1992).
  2. Early Childhood Education and Buddhism; Why is Early Childhood Education so Important? Dae Won Journal in Korea (1988).
  3. My Life in Japan: What I Saw, Felt, and Learned. Keynote address at the Young Adult Leadership Conference (1994).
  4. Death and Buddhism. Panelist representing the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism at the Japanese Young Buddhist Association Conference (1993). Pregnant Women and Alcohol: Why the Buddhist Community Needs to Help, and What Can Be Done. 6th International Conference on Buddhist Women in Lumbini, Nepal (2000).