Statement of Kindness and Charity

Take refuge in the Three Jewels:

     The Buddha said, Those who would contribute to the building of a temple would experience good fortune for many life times. The honorable Sun Gak Sunim humbly invites you to contribute to the establishment of the Buddhnara Temple in Atlanta, Georgia and St. Louis, Missouri.

     It no longer matters in our world if you are from the east or west, people today often feel pain and suffering for similar reasons. So often, we enter the turbulent currents of our lives in a confused and unclear state of mind. The river that is our life is often murky and cloudy. But it is possible to calm these waters, to make them clear and still through the practice of mindfulness. This is the great teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha: that through the practice of compassion, skillful means and mindful meditation we can put an end to suffering.

     Currently, in the United States Buddhism is growing. In Atlanta and St. Louis, the Buddhist community is also growing. Yet, it is also clear there are very few Buddhist temples in Atlanta and St. Louis. The Buddhanara Temples mission is to promote community service and outreach through the teachings of the Dharma. Anyone who wishes to participate in the temple will learn perfect wisdom and enlightenment through clarity and loving kindness.

     Sun Gak Sunim became a Buddhist Nun (Bhikkhuni) in Korea 28 years ago. She has studied in Korea, Japan and the United States. She graduated Master of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, year 2000. She has been teaching the Dharma for many years throughout Asia and the United States. In 1998, Sun Gak Sunim established the Buddhas disciples Zen Meditation Group in St. Louis, Missour.

     We humbly give thanks, appreciation and gratitude to anyone who would contribute to the Buddhanara Temple. Thank you for providing the opportunity to bring the Pure Land of hope, joy and happiness to our community in Atlanta and St. Louis. We pray for Donors and their families to enjoy good health, fortune and to join us for many generations.

     Take Refuge in Shakyamuni Buddha
     Take Refuge in Shakyamuni Buddha
     Take Refuge in the Great Teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha